The husky and pug cross mix is typically called by name hug, which is part husky and part pug. The dog is wonderful and carries the great traits of both breeds. Depending upon the parent trait, they have a different structure like if more traits of pug then the dog will be short and small, and the skin covers in a fine coat of hair but if more traits of Siberian Husky then they have a thick coat of hairs and are bigger. These dogs are mainly used in search and rescue operation. Some protection agencies also used them.

These dogs are full of energy, and thus they are high on exercises and other physical activities. They are counted in the working class of dogs. On a day to day basis, they exert a lot of energy and heat, so it is advisable to take them either on a walk or on jogging for their physical exercises.

Ways to provide training and care for Hugs

The resulting dog of Pug Cross Husky, Hugs need training while they are a puppy so that they will become obedient and obeys the command of their owners. When they are young, it’s the best time to teach them so that they behave and get socialised. Don’t let stray dogs get near them as they might make them violent and aggressive. But meeting with other pets should be there so that they can get along with them well and plus they should socialise properly otherwise their behavioural aggression might not be in controlled.


Hugs are very cute and cheerful breed of dogs, and they need care and love from their owner. This will help them to be disciplined. The proper nutritional diet should be followed properly, and they should be taken to the vet for regular checkups.