Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is an elemental necessity today in most household and this is one of the most used electrical appliances there is particularly in regions which are rather hot and humid. It is slowly becoming one of the most indispensable appliances in every household. However at times users face troubles with various kinds of technical faults with them and this in turn can lead to other troubles. One of the major troubles that the consumers complain about is leaking of water from the air conditioner. This is a major trouble that can lead to other issues like moldy walls, and water stains and hence it is important that the trouble is addressed at the earliest.

What leads to water leakage?

The most common reason behind the leaking of water from your vent pipes of the AC is due to the clogged drain pipes. When there is something that is blocking the drain pipes then this kind of trouble occurs. The water gets stored in the drip pan and can cause water to leak from the air handler. Another reason why the water leakage takes place is due to excessive humidity. Due to the increased humidity algae and bacteria can grow easily which in turn would lead to the blockage. The blockage would lead to leaking of the water.

What kind of damages happens?

When the water starts leaking from your aid conditioner vent a lot of trouble can happen. One major trouble is that the other parts of the AC can get damaged from the leaking water as well and eventually the air conditioner would be beyond repair. Excessive leakage can lead to such critical condition. A few drip of the water is not going to damage any other part of the appliance though it should be taken care of at the earliest to ensure that it does not go beyond your control.

How to fix it?

The first and foremost thing to be done is clearing the clogged drain line. This kind of service can be done on your own if you know how to. Turn off the ac unit first of all and then empty the drip pan with the help of a dry shop vac. You can also opt of other method but this is the easiest.

Remove all the debris that had collected from the drain and in the surrounding area. Also make sure that the end part of the pipe outside your house is not blocked by anything. Remove the cap of the drain pipe and with the help of a wire brush clear the blockage. (Before you do the fix on your own, be sure to read these tips when trying to fix a leak in your cooling unit.)

You can always seek help from the experts for managing this particular trouble and they would be glad to help you out. The help that the experts provide is always very clean and systematic and which is why most people prefer seeking the help of the experts rather than trying to sort the trouble on their own. Hiring a professional can help you save time as well as also executes the task in an efficient manner. Contact CBDPUB Air Con Services which specializes in air conditioning installation supplies, servicing and maintenance.