hire a professional removalist

When you move house, things are not as easy as it seems to be initially. The primary requirement is to get a trustable removal company which doesn’t break, lose, and steal your valuable goods. It is also essential to rely on someone who doesn’t jack up the price for delivery.

There are several questions people have in mind while planning to hire a professional removalist for shifting home. In fact, being new to this affair, many are confused about how to assess local removalists and what questions to ask. So, here are the key questions to give you a proper directive.

Questions you may ask to your removalist

  • Do you charge a flat fee / per hour / based on the number of boxes?
  • If the pay is hourly, then whether to including the driving time from their office to your property and back?
  • How does the call-out rate charge?
  • Will there be additional charges if the move takes more time?
  • Will there be an additional charge if there are bulky or heavy items?
  • Will your move be handled by themselves or subcontracted?
  • Who handles the good, are they certified/experienced removalists?
  • Is there insurance to cover the value of your good in case of any damage or loss?
  • Is the quote all-inclusive or any other charges to be expected during or after the move?

Feel free to ask more questions to your fullest satisfaction and do the same with as many providers as possible to compare the data in hand and choose the best possible option for you.

While considering local removalists in Australia, it is also advisable to check whether the provider is accredited to Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), which adds more authenticity to their service. Also, insist on a contract which spells out the terms and conditions correctly to the best of your understanding.

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